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Donald J Trump 2020 Historic Election Collector Bandanas  

Check out these Bandanas that you can wear in place of the face diapers everyone else is wearing. 

If for any reason you are going to be wearing a hijab you may as well let people know how you feel about it.

Wear the Trump 2020 Bandana to celebrate the Landslide Election Victory. Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming!

Sold in 3 Packs if you want to save money and have all 3 colors.

Orange Man Good !

In stock

Hot Pink

Vote Red !

Bandana 3 Pack

DJT - 2020

In stock

Custom Solid Color – 2 Color Print – 22″ x 22″ Bandanas, 100% Premium Cotton. Only $7.00 ea. 

Election Year Special – Donald Trump 2020 Collector Edition Bandanas.  

Buy 1 or get the (3) Pack – Red, Pink, Orange (OMG! – Orange Man Good!)  Only $15.00  

Edges are over-lock stitched, to prevent unraveling and fraying when machine washed. Water based inks are used with eco friendly ingredients, non-toxic, lead-free and do not contain any heavy metals. The ink print cannot easily be felt with the hand when passed across the surface of the fabric.  

The Print is Crispy Clean on the actual product. Hard to see in the pictures depending on monitor.  

Adjustable Slide Buckle Adjuster that will not “Slip or Come Undone”! 

These are nothing like the tissue thin Chinese bandanas you see everywhere else.  

FREE USPS First-Class Package Service®   3-4 day Shipping

 Additional Info

These Premium Bandanas also come with a “Never Slip or Come Undone” Slide Adjuster so you will never have to try to tie that knot behind you head or struggle to untie it. These Slide Adjusters are very snug. You will want to take the Bandana off the make the adjustment.

Free Shipping

USPS First-Class Package Service® from Arizona.

You should receive your order within 2-3 days of shipping.

We have other Patriotic Message Bandanas Coming Soon!

Bandana Wash and Wear Info

You may want to just hand wash these and definately just lay them out to dry.

Only iron the back side on low heat setting. 

To wear fold in half then roll or fold the top edge down toward the top row of text and roll or fold to the outside so when you pull the bandana down over your head and face it will not unroll or unfold as easy. 

The slide adjuster is meant to be left connected and it is easier to take the bandana off to adjust the slide but it can be slightly adjusted while wearing if you pull the slide away from your head and pull the bandana tips toward your head. 

Just so that you know; we are not claiming that you are protected from any viruses or other plannedemics by wearing these bandana masks.

If you do have any serious concerns about protecting yourself from airborne viruses we have this video for you to check out. It’s from the World Health Organization but if you are on this website you may not have any faith in the WHO.

So we were going to post this video but for probably some criminal reason, YouTube would not allow it to connect. Hmmm 

So click on the image below to link to the video.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions: info@MaskNot.US